Back on Track

Back on track blanket black rug mesh with Welltex

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Wall Cover

The perfect blanket for those who want to use the back on track effect all year round with only one blanket. The thin fabric made of polypropylene with melted ceramic particles is surrounded by a thin mesh fabric for maximum breathability. The ceiling can be used with these properties all year round: in the barn, during transport, under a rain blanket, on cool days or in combination with a warm winter blanket on the pasture. This blanket is one of our Topseller.

The ceiling has Webpelzfutter at the withers, a double front closure and cross straps. It also has creases, a tail bib, a tail strap and rings for attaching leg straps. Due to the slightly elastic material, this blanket has a very good fit.

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Manufacturer Back on Track
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Content 1 piece
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