Pass TEP Pad Black One Size trapezoidal Muscle Entlastungspad Saddle Pillow

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trapezoidal muscle Entlastungspad (TEP)

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The new trapezoidal muscle Entlastungspad (TEP) was developed by the dressage instructor Eberhard Weiß and together withPassled to market maturity. The TEP differs from conventional pads by the two recesses in the sensitive, backward part of the trapezoidal muscle. The oval recesses are proven to relieve pressure: the horse can breathe more freely and betterAbschnauben. In addition, the pad promotes back activity, looseness and muscle building and can also be used proactively against saddle coercion. The TEP was tested by the renowned Graf-Lehndorff-Institute for Equine Studies at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna and was clearly positive in its effect. The studies showed that the use of the pad in all gaits leads to a relaxation and increased looseness of the horse and has a very good effect on the well-being and performance of the horse. Meanwhile, highly successful riders such as Ingrid Klimke, Hubertus Schmidt and Marcus and Johannes have alsoEhningThe TEP in use every day. The TEP is used between saddle and saddle coverPlaced.  

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